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Why Blue Wing Surveillance is the best choice for your Jobsite Security Needs in Texas?

Discover the unparalleled benefits of Bluewing Surveillance’s cutting-edge jobsite security camera systems, meticulously designed to redefine safety and security standards on your jobsite. Utilizing high-quality, Axis cameras and the innovative YourSix monitoring platform, our system offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking robust, agile, and highly effective surveillance.

surveillance camera installation and setup

High-Quality Axis Cameras

At the heart of our jobsite security camera system are high-quality Axis cameras. Renowned for their superior performance and durability, Axis cameras deliver crystal-clear footage and advanced features, ensuring uncompromised security for your jobsite.

YourSix Monitoring Platform

Our system is seamlessly integrated with the YourSix monitoring platform, providing you with real-time access to live feeds and recorded footage from anywhere. Benefit from the user-friendly interface and advanced functionalities that YourSix offers, enhancing the overall monitoring and management of your jobsite security.

YourSix Surveillance Monitoring System
Construction Industry Security Surveillance

Multiple Bullet Cameras for Enhanced Coverage

Every unit in our system is equipped with at least two bullet cameras strategically positioned to provide comprehensive coverage. When needed, we provide units with 3, 4 or more cameras. To ensure your site has the right coverage, we will complete an assessment and make recommendations about the particulars of your unit. The cameras on our units work in tandem to eliminate blind spots, ensuring maximum visibility and security across your entire jobsite.

Talk Down Speaker and Flashing LED Lights

Our jobsite security camera system goes beyond just surveillance. Flashing lights alert intruders that they are being watched to deter them from entering restricted spaces. Likewise, our talk down speaker will emit an automated, customizable message when an intrusion is detected to deter further violations.  Authorized users on your account can talk through the speaker in real time using a mobile device, and our monitoring partners can also talk through the speaker in real time.  Having the ability to address potential security threats in real-time provides a proactive approach and extra layer of deterrence, enhancing the overall security of your jobsite.

Talk Down Speaker and Flashing Lights
Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

High-Resolution Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

For enhanced security and coverage, our system offers the option to integrate a high-resolution Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera. With optical zoom capabilities, this camera allows for detailed scanning of the area and high-quality zooming, providing you with precise control over the surveillance of your jobsite. 

Robust and Agile Unit Design

Our units are designed to withstand the toughest conditions on your jobsite. The elevated placement of cameras, approximately 11-12 feet off the ground, ensures a strategic vantage point, making tampering difficult and enhancing the overall effectiveness of the system.

Robust and Agile Job Site Surveillance

Tamper-Resistant Camera Placement

Security is at the core of our design philosophy. The elevated camera placement not only improves coverage but also makes tampering exceptionally challenging. Rest easy knowing that your jobsite security camera system is resilient against unauthorized interference.

Choose Blue Wing for your Texas Jobsite Surveillance!

Experience the unmatched security and peace of mind offered by Blue Wing Surveillance’s jobsite security camera system. With high-quality Axis cameras, the YourSix monitoring platform, and advanced features such as dual bullet cameras, talk-down speaker, flashing LED lights, and high-resolution PTZ cameras, our system sets the standard for jobsite surveillance in Texas. Contact us today to elevate the security of your jobsite.